About us

The Ethical Tea Revolution

Tea has been the catalyst for revolutions in past times. The struggle that small farmers have had to be paid fairly and the injustices workers have faced has been present in the news for a long time. The Ethical Tea Revolution is an idea that is important to us as we and other growers fight against the injustice that has marked our past. Unethical practices are on its way out as we embrace social equality throughout the growing and selling of tea.

Organic Practices

Our associate small tea growers in Assam adhere to global standards of sustainable, organic farming methods. The range of teas we offer follow the strict standards set by India's National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP). 

The cultivation process is a small part of what it takes to get the teas from the grower to your table. Every aspect of the growing, picking and processing of these products is monitored to ensure ethical standards are met. We utilize ancient methods such as Vriksayurveda Organic Farming technique so that you get the finest quality teas, high in phyto-nutrients and free from the dangerous chemicals often used in the commercial production of teas. And, we never rely on mechanical processes. Every leaf of our tea is hand-picked and manually processed with lots of care. 

Hiring Workers at Fair Wages

It is common to see tea workers in Assam and other neighboring regions getting paid absurdly low wages for their hard work, even in this day and age. The unfair wages has resulted in social unrest in the region as workers demand fair pay. 

Here at ASSAMICA AGRO, we actively help our rural community by helping our associate farmers hire workers at fair wages, unaffected by the large conglomerates pressuring the area to underpay their workers to make a profit. Our farms have higher levels of worker pay than the average rate in Assam. The fair price we offer our associates allows them to afford fair wages for their hard-working employees. With every sale, we are helping to enhance our local economy by providing a real livelihood for farm workers, improving living standards in the region.

Protecting the Environment

Yes, we are creating good jobs as we protect our precious land. We are securing the future with sustainable land management. Through our work with small-scale, organic farmers in the North East region, we are creating a sustainable way of farming the land. We encourage the small tea farmers to plant other cash crops along with tea, so that the bio-diversity of the land is improved, allowing the soil to remain nutrient rich.

There is a Right Way to do Things..


We are a company that is helping to fight decades of unethical employment and bad practices that has led to poor land management in the region. We strive to revolutionize the tea growing in the Assam region. We provide some of the highest quality teas in the region and some of the healthiest teas on the market. Our farm workers have seen an improvement in their standard of living through our ethical practices. The land is seen as a precious resource that must last for future generations. 

The beginning of any revolution is filled with difficulty, but here at the ASSAMICA AGRO, we can already see the impact we have on the community. We, along with our associate growers, share a vision that through our growth, the importance we have on the local community increases as well, so that this troubled yet beautiful part of the world, will prosper with us... sustaining and protecting the land and its people.


Established in 2010 as a private limited company, ASSAMICA AGRO is based in rural Assam and is committed to following ethical and organic farming standards. Our company also produces organic fruits, rubber, vegetables and milk through our small-scale organic farming associates. Furthermore, we help to market other smaller tea & herbs growers in the region.

Pallabjyoti Nath (Co-Founder, Farm & Production Management)

Pallabjyoti Nath - Organic Tea Grower

An economics graduate from Gauhati University and a skillful tea gardener, Pallab takes care of the tea plantation and production for the company's organic tea estate 'Kanoka'. He has also been working through the years to develop indigenous formulations for organic tea farming. A simple and down-to-earth youth, Nath who is popular as Rubul among the people, started tea cultivation in a small plot covering only eight bighas of land in 2009. He has been able to play a notable role in motivating the local youths to accept organic tea farming as a career.

Pallab is based in Sonitpur, Assam.

Manmoyuri devi (Co-Founder, Sales and Marketing, Accounts)

Manmoyuri Devi - Organic Tea Marketing

A founder member of the company, Manmoyuri has been taking care of the sales & marketing operations for the company since the inception. Manmoyuri keeps the Bangalore and Assam office running as well as coordinating expense reimbursements and accounting . A lawyer by education she is looking after the banking and  tax matters of the company. She plays a crucial role in expanding the product catalogue and coordinating with the growers of  Assam and other suppliers for managing the Tea inventory. She remains in constant touch with the operations and customer support teams in Assam. She is based in Trivandrum, Kerala.

Dipon Baruah (Marketing, Strategy & Business Development)

Dipon Baruah

Dipon plays a crucial role in expanding our product catalogue and key contributor to Assamica Agro's team. He is responsible for customer data analytics and insights. He is also responsible for physical retail marketing of Assamica Agro's products. Dipon is a graduate in Commerce. He loves reading books in his spare time. Dipon comes with a professional experience of around 5 years in marketing.

Dipon is originally from Assam and is based in our Bangalore office.

Dhrubajyoti  Bormahalia ( Business development)

Dhrubajyoti Barmoholia

Dhruba is a crucial member of Assamica Agro's team. Dhruba looks after our Social Media promotions and other Digital Marketing channels as well as physical retail marketing.  

Dhruba loves listening to music.Originally from Assam, Dhruba is based in our Bangalore office.

Barsha Shahu Nath ( Customer support and Operations)


Barsha is looking after the customer care of Assamica Agro. She is an integral part of the fulfillment team where she plays an important role in the packaging and handling of products in our Assam office. She is also responsible for the quality check on every item before packing and dispatch from our packaging unit of Assam. She is based in our Assam office.

Siranjib Nath (Packaging and Handling)

Siranjit Nath

Our primary objective is on time delivery with a vision of 100% customer satisfaction. and from that point we owe a large part to Siranjib. He is also the guy who delicately packs each item that ships out of our packaging unit of Assam.

Siranjib is an honest, dedicated and hardworking individual. He is a key asset to the Assam office and plays a huge role in our warehouse operations.


  • Thank you for the prompt service. I received the tea. Looks great and tastes great! I read more about your tea and sustainable farming practices and you seem like a company with strong values and integrity. I'm starting a small tea company and if all goes well I will order in larger quantities in the future. I look forward to working with you.

    Sara Lucia, Washington, USA

  • The package arrived safely, thank you, and I am just enjoying my first cup of your tea. I love it! Green and smokey and delicious. And such good quality - no random bits of stalk, just perfect leaves slowly unfurling in the water. Thank you again for all your help and also for the free samples, which I am excited to try.

    Carolyn Hay, Spain

  • The package arrived completely intact so please thank your shipping crew as they do a wonderful job. Thank you so much for all the extra tea samples! Finding your tea is a very happy thing for us. I ordered from you because of your commitment to organic practices, and we were very concerned about pesticide and heavy metal residues in Chinese green teas. I am confident that we will be repeat customers!

    Lucy Gray, Virginia, USA

  • It is the first time I have tasted a handmade tea from Assam. You sent me a few samples and thank you so much again! I tasted one KANOKA. Oh my ! It's delicious!!! I've picked the tea up and I'm at home drinking your exquisite Assam, this is pure gems! I'm glad, this is blissful. Thank you so much to you and all the farmers !

    Fortunato D'Orio, France

  • I am so impressed by the 2nd flush Kanoka tea. I knew it would be better than any other Assam tea I had tasted up to now, but I purchased it primarily for some of my customers. I, myself, have always preferred the China varietal--Keemun Hao Ya A has been my morning breakfast tea of choice--that is, until now! I never imagined that I would switch, but I have, and I don't see me changing any time soon.

    Frankee Muller, ITMA Certified Tea Master, USA

  • The teas all safely arrived today in excellent condition, thanks for the fantastic packaging. I found the tippy black tea very impressive with a nice well balanced taste with the classic Assam characteristics. I also tried one of the green teas and was impressed by it's clean balanced taste and low astringency which I've rarely come across in Indian green teas. Thanks again for the fantastic tea.

    Alistair Rea, Tea Reseller, UK